Living Room in London SWR 37/12


A pioneering fusion of the first bass clarinet & hang duo in the world
'Living Room' and a string trio with musicians from the Solstice Quartet
and the London Symphony Orchestra. 

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Manu Delago ~ Hang

Christoph Pepe Auer ~ Bass Clarinet/Saxophone

Ellie Fagg ~ Violin

Tom Norris ~ Violin/Viola/Guitar

Gregor Riddell ~ ‘Cello




Review Spitalfields Music

"Together they form a superbly assured quintet in which the hangs enigmatic gentleness is deftly complemented by two violins, cello and bass clarinet/saxophone, and by a range of musical expertise that pulls jazz and classical, minimalism and trance, into a delightful fusion… the most intriguing musical fusion I've heard" (Richard Morrison, The Times)


“A strikingly fresh, beautifully tempered chamber group… with a wide remit… bold original writing from the musicians themselves…utterly absorbing” (Rob Adams, The Herald)

“I've never heard anything quite like this… it is one of my musical highlights of the year” (Tam Pollard, Cygnet Theatre)


"Living Room seem to me a fascinating and truly contemporary ensemble able to move in and out of various genres,  and listening to them I'm also very impressed by  the quality of their their playing. But above all  they are the kind of ensemble I want to work with because they are keen to collaborate and create together, and I would like to make a piece that truly  belongs to them." (Peter Wiegold)



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more info:

Living Room in London is the only quintet of its kind consisting of Bjork's percussionist, 'Austrian jazz newcomer of the year' and a string trio with musicians of the Solstice Quartet and the London Symphony Orchestra. All members compose for the ensemble and have commissioned new works from composers including Peter Wiegold, Charlie Piper, Raymond Yiu, Milton Mermikides, Cevanne-Horrocks Hopayian and David Ibbett. They have performed at The Village Underground, LSO St Luke's, The Vortex, ICA, Club Inegales, National Portrait Gallery, the Spitalfield's, Hendon and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals in the UK, Klangspuren Festival (Austria) and Vienna's Porgy and Bess Jazz Club. They released their debut album with SessionWork Records in January 2012 with a critically acclaimed sold out performance at Kings Place and following tour in the UK, Germany and Austria. The ensemble also featured in the Bafta award winning documentary The Imposter. Upcoming plans include a tour of Eastern Europe in autumn 2014 and an ongoing residency at new East London venue Limewharf.



concert dates:

14.09.2013 - Piefest - London (GB)

13.09.2013 - Limewharf - London (GB)

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18.06.2013 - Spitalfields Music Festival - Village Underground - (UK) Start 20.00

30.05.2013 - Classical:NEXT showcase night - Porgy&Bess (A) - Start 22.45

09.12.2012 - Session Work Festival - Porgy&Bess Vienna (A) Start 20.30

19.10.2012 - National Portrait Gallery - London (UK) Start 18.30

06.05.2012 - Hendon Music Festival - London (UK) Start tba

07.05.2012 - Brunel Museum, Great Entrance Hall, London (UK) - 8pm (7.30 doors)

17.05.2012 - Vibe Bar, Brick Lane - London (UK) Start 8.15pm

18.05.2012 - Brunel Museum, Great Entrance Hall, London (UK) - 8pm(7.30 doors)

19.01.2012 - St Albans school - St Albans (UK)

20.01.2012 - The Phoenix - Exeter (UK)

21.01.2012 - Soup Kitchen - Manchester (UK)

23.01.2012 - King's Place - London (UK)

24.01.2012 - Syrnau - Zwettl (A)

26.01.2012 - Treibhaus - Innsbruck (A)

27.01.2012 - Café Museum - Passau (D)

28.01.2012 - Kunstbox - Seekirchen (A)

29.01.2012 - Musikpavillon - Zirl (A)

30.01.2012 - Brick 5 - Wien (A)

31.01.2012 - Horns Erben - Leipzig (D)

01.02.2012 - Haus der Sinne - Berlin (D)